@jerger This is a quite cool discussion. The core idea here seems to be around topics, relations to them and elaborations. I am very much reminded of discourse structure, a subarea of linguistics. In this field, topics and their relations are called "references". Human language has a lot of ways to create and use them -- e.g. "them" here references "references".

If I understand this "glue chat" idea right than then this is mostly about finding a nice way to provide good visual indications to users how the discussion evolved structurally. The idea of "recursive summarization" sounds also very interesting to me, but I'm unconvinced that highlighted reference anchors and a simple "more on that later" ellipsis are good enough.

@schaueho I think the glue chat idea is a interesting next step. I've supported many large group discussion (see politaktiv.org or jerger.org/pages/diskuss/ for context).

There might be room left for more improvements, but abstract, structure & nice ui will enable the next level of big group discussion ...

Do you know a chat following this idea?

@jerger No, I don't. I used Google Wave when it was still existing, which at least had an interesting approach to conversations, but outside of that I can't think of anything.

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