Open Whisper Systems is based in San Francisco and Signal doesn’t have a warrant canary. Users have to trust the company when using Signal and truly secure systems don’t require trust.

@yogthos Do you know DeltaChat? It's a mail based and pgp-autocrypt encrypted chat ... no scaling problems, no centralized servers ...

@jerger oh I've seen it before, it's definitely a neat idea as well. I'm not sure that email is an ideal chat protocol, but does seem to work well enough in practice. :)


@yogthos you're right it's not perfect. you can not edit or delete a message after sending it.

But we can use our own server for our own chat without the need of setting up an additional one :-)

On bottom line I like this chat and hope not be forced to switch from year to year to a new one (e.g. as soon as signal or threema will be sold to facebook & google :-)

@jerger yeah I generally prefer to rely on software that's developed without profit being a primary motive. Open source projects that are built by the community for the community outlast pretty much all commercial software in the end.

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