RT @konstructivizm: A closeup of Jupiter’s clouds from the Juno Spacecraft

Einblicke in ihren Alltag gewähren in der aktuellen Folge von unter anderem Frauen in Afghanistan, die sich gegen die Taliban-Milizen wehren, und philippinische Fischer im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel. @dw_Limbourg

I like to think of myself as a distinction-drawer in software

Here is a true master-distinction-drawer, in a field where it's really needed at the moment. Finding differences in terms that are "sufficiently close that prying them apart clears space for thought" nitter.net/jayrosen_nyu/status

Eric Crichlow is the author of the iOS Development 101 on Clean Coders. Chuck and Eric discuss the course and the process of building a course for Clean Coders. They also discuss Eric’s journey from working at GM to working at a startup.

It's way premature for me to be talking about my Geek Incentives project in public. Glad I'm talking about it with Keith. Tomorrow at 1900 PST. nitter.net/keithmadams/status/

It's interesting how long it's taken to put a firm intellectual foundation under TDD, both from Bill and GeePaw. Not surprising, but stuff like this takes decades. You aren't going to fully grasp it in 30 days or 90 days and that's okay. nitter.net/wwake/status/136212

Watching Perseverance coverage I'm feeling all the feels. Curling up with my dad under blankets in the wee smalls watching Gemini countdowns convinced me of the positive potential of technology.

Geeks Incentives with @keithmadams. Today, Feb 18 at 7:00 PM PST on @joinclubhouse. Join us! t.co/X29DmzZu8d. Hokey smokes that’s like 2 minutes.

RT @bethcodes: If we wrote “distributed multi-repository multi-language object-oriented code base” every time instead of saying “microservi…

The recent piece from @noam about Waze at Google gave me a reason to exercise my Geek Incentives glasses. Does it make sense to feel frustrated that people with different incentives act different? geekincentives.substack.com/p/

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