We announce our first production ready release of `provs-server k3s` - A tool to provision a small k3s your own server (either on prem or in cloud) with proud.

On the one hand that's ways cheaper (compared to EKS /AKS) on the other hand that's real 🙂

We provide
* dual-stack,
* bare metal lb,
* certmanager &
* app-provisioning in one shoot.

@team out of curiosity, what were your reasons to chose k3s over e.g. kind, minikube, ... ?

@aligyie in the last years we tried
* minikube - but we failed on security. We found no way not to expose api to public. As ip-table handling is deeply build in to k8s, we decided to drop minikube.
* kubeadm: for long time we provisioned using kubeadm (see We got some hassel reg. cluster certificates & updates - but this worked quite well
* k3s: We are now using because we're managing small traffic installations on small servers.


@team as far as I know it should be possible to use minikube and kind to handle external traffic, too. But if you have found a working solution with k3s that is great.
My experience with those kind/minikube-type of things is, that they are changing/evolving quite rapidly and got increasingly useful recently.
Thanks for sharing!

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