@ale indeed, there are plenty self-hosted #gitea servers.

This is why #forge federation will be so cool, as it wil tie them together in a large whole, and with that open the ecosystem and create a level playing field, that can weigh up to #Github network effects and #FOMO.

There's also a volunteer collective dedicated to provide easy #hosting of Gitea + #WoodpeckerCI + Pages and the ability to self-host again at any time. And they have a Clinic to help upgrade you self-hosted server: @hostea

@team @humanetech Very interested! I like that k3s is lightweight and easier to understand than k8s from an operator point of view.

At #Hostea the @gitea Ansible playbook is tested end to end to verify @WoodpeckerCI is able to run a job. It is just an example and you can browse the code below.

I'm curious to know what is your strategy for testing your Infrastructure as Code?



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@hostea @humanetech @gitea @WoodpeckerCI @dachary

3. image-build-time downloads we test for presence and validity.

I'm also interested in the way, you are doing tests :-)

@team @humanetech @gitea @WoodpeckerCI @dachary

The tests run with

tox -e hostea

which essentially does the following:

* create the entire infrastructure from scratch (create the virtual machines, DNS, monitoring, the whole thing)
* run the Hostea playbooks
* run tests that verify common usage scenario

I think verifying the backup as you do is very valuable: there is nothing worse than a backup that cannot be restored 😨



Authored by @dachary

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