Today we release a new version of mastodon-bot - the clojure version of a mastodon-twitter bridge:

* improved console out
* improved rss error handling
* updated dependencies
* provided spec as cljc

We proudly present our new Keycloak Convention4Kubernetes deployment generator:

We provide the generator as jvm-library, js-webfrontend and standalone cli.

There's a cool script by Carl Schwan, which makes it possible to list Mastodon toots as comments to an article (see
This is a great idea and we are planning to enhance dda-masto-embed ( with a similar functionality. If want to join us with this task, just leave an answer by re-tooting.


We proudly announce the first working release of
We generate valid k8s-deployment-yamls for mastodon-bot. With deep (spec-)validation and in a multi-target setup (cljs, clj, graalvm-native).


Mit unserem k8s-mastodon-bot setzen wir nun mehr auf Kubernetes und legen einen Grundstein für unsere neue Architektur. Es ist möglich im Browers, als Uberjar oder als Native Kubernetes deployments zu erzeugen. Wir sind stolz darauf k8s-mastodon-bot zu releasen und können nun unseren Mastodon-bot als CronJob in Kubernetes deployen.

Mehr Infos findet Ihr unter:

-bot -bridge

We released a new version of our dda-k8s-crate. We tested the release on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. The crate allows you to install a single server kubernetes cluster fully automatic.

If you are intrested feel free to check out our GitHub project:

We just released a new version of our dda-serverspec-crate! This release focuses mainly on quality and we adjusted our shemas and implemented some fixes for our netstat-test as well as including some integration tests to make the code more robust.

Link to our project:

The dda-k8s-crate - our crate for setting up K8s SingleNode-Instances easily - has a new version:

It received a bunch of updates and improvements.
We happily look forward for your feedback. 🙂


Die meissa community.