Just released our new c4k-jira module.

A k8s setup for small jira installations on a cheap single app cluster. We use this installation in production. Provider independent backup is included - there is no lock in :slightly_smiling_face:


Wir suchen einen Werkstudenten / Teilzeit-DevOps:


Falls jemand von euch Lust auf sinnvolles Arbeiten und OpenSource hat ...

Bei Sympathie gerne RT 🙂

Today we released our dda-k8s-crate. A software to provision production ready mini k8s clusters.

We updated version of all used components.


As we are going to drop pallet support this will be one oft the last releases. We will continue work in our provs-line. The new k8s setup will be k3s and kotlin based.

The dda-k8s-crate - our crate for setting up K8s SingleNode-Instances easily - has a new version:


It received a bunch of updates and improvements.
We happily look forward for your feedback. 🙂


Die meissa community.