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we also enhanced our cryogen-core-fork for being able to serve resources from classpath instead only serving resources from filesystem:

If someone is interested in a spring like overlay-filesystem for clojure, pls. contact 🙂

We're able and willing to isolate the overlay-fs part in a lib by it's own ...

We proudly present the first fully functional release of

We managed to combine the static website generator cryogen with bootstrap4 templates. In order to make template changes more versioned, that's a huge step forward. cryogen & templates are now shipped in one jar!

We published a short gopass cheatsheet:

We use gopass for managing team passwords and we like it ;-)

We initial-released for provisioning of Single-Node K8s Instances. We use this setup to deploy cheap & low traffic applications in a K8s way. Feedback & Stars are welcome 🙂


Die meissa community.