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Today we released our dda-k8s-crate. A software to provision production ready mini k8s clusters.

We updated version of all used components.

As we are going to drop pallet support this will be one oft the last releases. We will continue work in our provs-line. The new k8s setup will be k3s and kotlin based.

We are just before our new c4k-jira release. The upcoming release includes all the latest updates from k8s, Jira, cert-manager and ingress nginx.

Wir starten einen neuen Remote-Lesekreis: Kubernetes Patterns

Donnerstags: 16:00 - 17:00
Jeweils 1 Kapitel pro Woche

Mag jemand mitmachen?

On the way to reimplement mastodon-bot on jvm we managed to get a green graal-native build - yay 🙂

Does someone knows how to get (println) outputs on graal-native?

Last week, we shared how you can use your messenger of choice without Google. Today we want to present you an option how you can easily synchronize the calendar of your computer and your smartphone without using the Google-Calendar. The easiest way is through your Nextcloud, but there exist other recommendable apps. Check it out here:

We appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

For most smartphone users, the messenger of choice is the most important app. If you ungoogle your phone with our guide:
You won't have the GooglePlay Store anymore. Therefore, we added some hints how you can bypass google and still use your messenger of choice (and most other apps) with your ungoogled phone here:

We appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

For an option to your Smartphone checkout our guide:

* remove Google dependencies
* use
* use Open-Source F-Droid App Store

We appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

We've done first steps on reimplementing mastodon-bot ( on clojure/jvm. Mainly because on jvm we can choose, when to go async.

Feels quite good & we improved rss-input validation using spec 🙂

If anyone want's to join our jorney, pls. dm

Want to embed your latest mastodon post on your website?

Embed without thirdparty-server involvement?

Try out

Wussten Sie, dass Google jeden Tag unzählige Daten über Apps und Services sammelt? Dazu gehören auch versteckte Services, z.B. werden alle Suchanfragen über einen Google Server (DNS) weitergeleitet oder Funktionen wie „find my phone“ permanent zum tracken genutzt.
Wie finden Sie die Idee eines entgoogelten Smartphones?

We just released v1.13.6

Bringing improved output and improved error & timeout handling


"Vor der Corona-Pandemie wurden stündlich allein rund 320.000 Einweg-Becher für heiße Getränke in Deutschland verbraucht", das ist jetzt vorbei - ein guter Tag für uns und unsere Umwelt.

Trotzdem gibt es noch jede Menge aufzuräumen. Wir sind uns dafür nicht zu schade:

Macht doch alle mit!

Today we want to present an option how you can ungoogle your Smartphone. We've created an installation guide here:

* replace Android with LineageOS
* use Open-Source F-Droid App Store
* remove unnecessary Google dependencies to prevent Google from tracking you.

If you have some feedback, opinions or some suggestions for improvement we appreciate it!

Today we release a new version of mastodon-bot - the clojure version of a mastodon-twitter bridge:

* improved console out
* improved rss error handling
* updated dependencies
* provided spec as cljc

We proudly present our new Keycloak Convention4Kubernetes deployment generator:

We provide the generator as jvm-library, js-webfrontend and standalone cli.

Besides Gopass we can also recommend to use the Gopass Bridge for easy login into websites. Brief installation instructions can now be found on:

There's a cool script by Carl Schwan, which makes it possible to list Mastodon toots as comments to an article (see
This is a great idea and we are planning to enhance dda-masto-embed ( with a similar functionality. If want to join us with this task, just leave an answer by re-tooting.


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