## Processing of various Types of Personal Data When using our Mastodon instance, different types of personal data are processed in different ways. In the following we inform you about the processing, which personal data is concerned in each case, what the purpose of the respective processing is, how long the data are stored in each case and some more. ### Calling the Web Application and Browser Access Data **Purpose**: We make the web application available for use, which, among other things, uses certain data, e.g. language information that the browser sends along with the application, for appropriate display. **Personal Data**: Depending on the browser used and its settings, the following information is transmitted: date and time of access, source/reference from which page you accessed our site, browser used, operating system used, language information, size of browser window, IP address used. **Duration of Storage**: This data is not stored by us, but only used when you access our web application. **Legal basis**: To provide potential users with an overview of the web application and to make the full application functionality available to registered users, in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b). **Recipient**: Your browser access data can only be viewed by us as the operator and, if applicable, our provider. **Third Country Transfer**: The data will not be stored in a third country. ### Registration and Account Data **Purpose**: The account data is required for the secure login of the users, the later use of the application and to verify your identity. **Personal Data**: User name, e-mail address and password. **Storage Period**: Until the deletion of your account. Deleting your account will force the deletion of all posts and interactions. **Legal Basis**: Establishment of the user relationship between us as the operator of the application and you as a user of the Mastodon account, in accordance with Art. 6 paragraph 1 b) DSGVO. **Recipient**: Your account data can only be accessed by us and, if available, our provider. **Forwarding to third Parties**: The registration data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless we are required to do so by law. **Third Country Transfer**: E-mail address and password will not be stored by us in any third country outside the EU. The username is public worldwide. ### Optional Profile Information **Purpose**: Voluntary worldwide publication of further information about you. **Personal data**: Display name, biography (about me), profile information fields, profile picture and cover picture, who you follow and who follows you. **Save Time**: Until deleted by you or the account. **Legal Basis**: The consent by voluntary disclosure of data pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) DPA. **Recipient**: Your profile information display name, biography, profile picture and cover picture are always public. Other information, such as persons who follow you or whom you follow, can be restricted in their visibility by you. **Forwarding to third Parties**: none. **Third Party Transfer**: All profile information provided is publicly available worldwide. They may also appear on servers in third countries through the Federation and are subject to local jurisdiction there. ### Contributions and Interactions **Purpose**: To publish your own microblog posts (Toots) and to publish (Boost) the posts of others, if desired, even worldwide. **Personal Data**: All your posts, including username, the attachments and other interactions (such as favorites, episodes and reblogs), including all metadata, such as timestamps. **Save Time**: Until deletion by you or the account. **Legal Basis**: The consent by publishing contributions according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) DSGVO. When uploading the Toots of others, you as user of the account are responsible for ensuring that their data protection rights are respected. **Recipient**: Your contributions and interactions are in principle public, but can be limited by the options you choose in the visibility or promotion. The options are: public, public but not listed in the public timeline, only for followers or only to mentioned users. **Forwarding to third Parties**: "Generally public" means that this content is promoted worldwide to other servers whose privacy and processing of this data we cannot control. Microblogging is in principle public, for personal non-public communication other means must be used. **Third Country Transfer**: All written contributions are publicly accessible worldwide. ### Reporting Content and Moderation **Purpose**: We moderate reported content to comply with the terms of use and applicable laws. **Personal Data**: All contents, account data and further information from you **Storage Period**: Reported contributions are marked when they are reported until a moderator decides on further action. In the event of violations of laws or terms of use, contributions will be promptly deleted. If legally required, the above data may have to be secured as evidence and handed over to the authorities. **Legal Basis**: To comply with applicable laws according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c) or the legitimate interest according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) to comply with the Terms of Use. **Recipient**: We as the operator, including any moderators named **Forwarding to third Parties**: For violations of the law that require reporting, all necessary evidence is given to the investigating authorities. Otherwise, no data will be made available to third parties. **Third Country Transfer**: None ### Cookies **Purpose**: Log you in and remember you for later **Personal Data**: A session cookie `_mastodon_session` to keep you logged in, an `_session_id` cookie who remembers you for later and a cookie named `remember_user_token` to remember you as a user for a longer time. **Save time**: Cookie `_mastodon_session` until you log out and end the browser session, `_session_id` and `remember_user_token` for one year. **Legal Basis**: Technical fulfillment of the user relationship between us as the operator of the application and you as the user of the Pleroma account, according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR. **Recipient**: Only you, cookies stored in your web browser. **Forwarding to third Parties**: None **Third Country Transfer**: None

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